Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Eden Lo Leaked Nude Sex Scandal Photos


So, do you guys remember the Hong Kong sex scandal with Cathay Pacific flight attendant Eden Lo's husband sending emails to the CEO of Cathay Pacific Airways and shareholders asking them to stop one of the company's pilot from having sex with his wife? It was an interesting sex scandal even without nude photos at the time. Well we finally have nude pictures of the beautiful stewardess Eden Lo that were promised almost 2 years ago. In the scandalous leaked emails sent to CEO John Slosar and many others her husband claimed pilot Alex Roels was pressuring Eden to provide him with sex at five star hotels on the company's dime. And that Mr. Roels does not use condoms when having sex with his wife or with other flight attendant. Mr. Roels denied the relationship with Eden was coerced and claimed she did not tell him she was married. The original emails from the husband to the CEO were posted on many websites and forums. Anyway, here is the latest email sent to the Gutter Uncensored with the naked pictures attached:

From: gutter lover
To: [email protected]
 May 27
These pictures are from Alexander Roels' iPhone and computer as he backups his ex and flings. Trophies..

Background – Alexander  / Alex Roels (a.k.a. the beast)
Birthday -- 1977 May 23
Has a pet dog named Turbo
started off in the cabin and safety training school b4 joining as a pilot.
Based in Hong kong
Nicknamed Rosy, Rosey, Rose, Panda by Eden Lo Wing Ying

Background – Eden Lo
Full name卢颖盈 Eden 'Wing Ying' Lo
Based in Hong Kong
Nicknamed 兔釘, denden by Alex Roels

Alex and Eden have been f*ck buddies since May 2011..

Alexander Roels and Eden Lo have ruined the image of us air crews. These few bad apples give us all a bad name. ..

The popular Hong Kong TV series衝上雲霄2 (Triumph in the Skies Part 2) gave us an idea, may be Alex and Eden  sex scandal can be called 吹上淫簫 2 (Blow-job in the Skies Part 2).......
We don't know if any of the claims in the above email are true but sure does make for an interesting read. But the nude photos below were promised 2 years ago in a similar email. And we finally get to see the beautiful Eden Lo naked and in various compromising positions. We should point out here that we do not know who is really behind the camera taking nude photos of Eden. We just don't know... If you have more info or more explicit pictures and/or video of Cathay Pacific flight attendants or any flight attendants especially on a plane then please send to GutterUncensored(at)yahoo.com as soon as possible. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Source: http://www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com 


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